Digital marketing: the benefits of search engine advertising for travel agencies

Digital marketing

The 21st century has seen a rise in digital marketing. One trend of digital advertising that is part of this marketing strategy is search engine advertising. Basically, this is the art of having your content rank top organically on search engines like Google and others. That differs from other forms of digital advertising like Google adwords in which the page will rank top because it’s paid for. The business of travel agencies now feeds of the energy online. Travelers spend a long time to plan and search for their travel destinations. Therefore, as a travel agency investing in the marketing plan online is a huge determinant of the success of the business. There are many digital advertising strategies. However, the article focuses on search engine marketing and the benefits.

So what are the benefits of Search Engine Advertising?

Show Authority

Travelers, like any other online users, admire people who have knowledge of their trade. By organically topping the lists of the search engines, travel agencies portray the mastery of the trade. The ability to give the right information in a timely manner is unbeatable. To do so, there are some skills that must not be ignored; • Keyword research – Search engines use keywords to help them rank content. Therefore, the research of the keywords is an essential piece of the jigsaw that is search engine marketing. • Search engine optimization- SEO; there are many components of SEO that are necessary to learn and master for any travel agency considering search engine marketing. • Evergreening- The ability to have content that is timeless. Content that down years down the line will still be relevant in the travel industry gives an edge. The three skills are vital for the purposes of search engine marketing.

Less Costly

Compared to the other digital advertising forms, they are less costly. The other forms like PPC and Google ads for agency require paying for the ads to rank top on search engines. The payment can be initial payment or payment as per the number of persons clicking the ad. This can be a good way when you want results instantaneously or have a running promotion. For the search engine ad technique, no payment is made. Yet, this should not be confused for lack of cost. There is the cost involved in the form of the research that goes into curating content that will organically rank top. The process takes time for the search engine to rank your content top. However, once the travel agency has gold in their hands once they achieve that. On a cost-benefit analysis, however, the search engine marketing offers more value to your travel agency.

High-click Through rates

Click through rates are the number of people that click the suggested link by the search engine to read the content therein. The statistics of these can be acquired from the search engines as they are the measure of the readability of the content. Since the content is organic, there are a bigger number of online users visiting the search engine clicking through. Therefore, they are able to interact with other content on the website of the agency. The high click-through rate is advantageous in the sense that if there is a well-laid marketing funnel strategy, the visitors will at the end convert to customers.

Final thoughts

Search engine marketing is generally more time consuming as it requires more time put into the research for the content. However, they more value. The benefits include; higher click-through rates, less cost into the advertising and show authority over competitors. Therefore, for every travel agency using digital marketing, this is a technique that is worth your time and investment.

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