Go for a holiday villa rental in Ile-de-Ré

Ile de-Ré

By choosing a holiday villa rental in Ile de Ré, you will have the opportunity to enjoy vast sandy beaches without being confronted with the summer rush. Villa rentals are ideal for a comfortable stay in the tropical paradise of Ile-de-Ré. You can look online for a holiday villa for rent in Ile-de-Ré, https://myhomein-iledere.com being one of many websites specialized in the matter.

Experience a memorable holiday in Ile de Ré by renting a villa with a swimming pool and a beautiful garden. In order to find the right accommodation in Ré la Blanche (the white Ré), you will need to do your research on time because comfortable house rentals are always in high demand for the summer season. Moreover, you won’t necessarily be able to find a villa near the beach because they have rarely been built near the ocean, for simple security reasons. Who could forget the recent storms that have caused a lot of damage to Ile-de-Ré, opening the possibility for the island to again find itself divided into several small islands as was the case centuries ago?

If renting a house on the water in Ile-de-Ré is not easy to find, it is possible to rent villas and homes near the beach as every village offers unique opportunities for beachside accommodation rentals. In the charming village of Ars en Ré for instance, ranked among the most beautiful villages in France, not far from the rugged coastline, you can find luxurious villas embellished with a nice pool that will delight the whole family.

On the side of Fiers d'Ars en Ré, it is possible to find a house literally on the water while in Portes en Ré, many homes offer direct access to the beach and in some others, the beach is just down the garden. The villages situated at the entry of the island are no exception; a lot of their villas have beautiful sea views. In La Flotte, one can find comfortable and luxurious rentals just as it’s the case in Saint Martin de Ré where villas with panoramic harbor views are all over the region. Not to forget that in Saint Martin, one can find some interesting apartments rising above the ramparts and thus enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean.

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