Essential Things to Do in Hisaronu, Turkey


The famous Hisaronu Turkish resort lies in the Taurus Mountains which is minutes away from the Olu Deniz beach. This was once a tiny mountain village that turned out to be a vibrant famous resort at present. It offers a lot of amenities including accommodations, bars, restaurants as well as club life together with its unspoilt beaches with Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.

Hisaronu is extremely famous among British travellers. The resort lies in a high altitude which means the place is slightly cooler and less humid compared to other coastal resorts in the area. The surrounding area of the resort is ideal for walkers since they compose of cool forests as well as different paths to explore.

You can as well do a lot of things while in the resort including sunbathing as well as choosing from their different water sports. You can as well opt to do paragliding from Babagad Mountain and land on the beach. Or perhaps choose canoeing in the Xanthos river. Try as well their paintball games within the pine forests or a trip to Fethiye for their bazaar.

Just around 4 kilometers from Hisaronu is the famous Olu Deniz beach which is a beautiful lagoon which is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. The place is surrounded with pine covered mountains which gives you the sense of paradise.

You can as well go shopping in the main street wherein a lot of tourists can shop souvenirs like leather goods. Haggling as well is mandatory. Try their internationally prepared restaurants which serve traditional English food, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese as well as of course, traditional Turkish. Enjoy as well the wide variety of clubs as well as pubs which makes this resort one of the liveliest on the turquoise coast.

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