Training and products for eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions

Training course in eyelash extensions is designed to equip you with the current techniques to enhance the eyes using synthetic extensions. These techniques will help you to provide your customers with thick and long lashes. You will not only learn how to remove the lash extensions perfectly, but you will also learn how to adapt the application process to fit each client’s eye shape. In the course of the training period, you will undertake several treatments on a professional mannequin head that will allow you to practice the acquired skills; this will be a great training ground to hone your techniques. It can be tough and time-consuming to apply eyelashes. So, when you want to apply them to your clients, it is important to be well trained and use quality products.

What the Course Covers

Over the last couple of years, eyelashes have become popular, with many women desiring thicker and longer lashes. The major goal for most women is to have lashes that are hassle-free when it comes to applying make-up daily. Individual lashes that are applied create natural-looking, fuller lashes that enhance the eye’s appearance; these lashes will be the solutions that your client’s need. In an eyelash extension training course offered by, you are going to learn more about cover health, safety & hygiene, contraindications, consultation techniques, aftercare advice, removal process, application of individual lashes, and how to choose the correct lashes for a client’s eye shape.

How do you determine the right size of hair extensions to get?

The ideal eyelash extension you need to get depends on the strength and length of your natural lashes. If you wear too thick or too long lashes, you can cause a lot of strain to your natural lashes. If you find it hard picking the right lashes, you can ask a licensed lash specialist who will help you to choose the right material like synthetic or mink silk. Mink is softer, pricier, and it looks natural. However, some synthetics which appear more customizable can feel more natural but they will cost more.

Is it worth it to have lash extensions?

Semi-permanent lash extensions are applied on top of natural lashes using glue by a technician. Since lash extensions are not packed in the form of strips, they are real and customizable. With proper care, the lashes can stay for approximately eight weeks until they fall out naturally. What if you want to go out for a swim? You will have to wait for 24 hours after your appointment if you want to go out for a swim. Eyelash adhesives can take 12 to 24 hours to cure depending on the type of glue that your stylist uses. You must treat your lashes with utmost care because you don’t want to get them wet. If you must go to the steam bath, avoid staying in it for a long time.

How can you take care of you extensions?

Cleansers are specifically formulated for cleaning eyelash extensions. But you need to be careful when talking about the eyelash extension products you are going to use. Some products can weaken your lash extensions prematurely. So, if you are wearing makeup, use gentle wipes and oil-free pads as you swipe downward, instead of wiping them back and forth. When you sleep, your lashes can get tangled. So that is why gently brushing your lashes is necessary. After you wake up and take a shower, use a clean spoolie brush which is gentle on your extensions. It is not advisable to use mascara with lash extensions; you can break the extensions when removing the makeup using a makeup remover. Now, when using eyeliners, avoid using formulas that are cream-based because they contain waxes and oils that can damage the lash glue.

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