Essential things to do in Puerto Galera, Philippines


For people looking for a perfect vacation getaway while enjoying the sun, sand and surf then Puerto Galera, Philippines should be on top of your list. The place as well offers both serene as well as a life full of fun and adventure while hanging out with your friends and family. Puerto Galera is located among the locals of Oriental Mindoro. Shown below are things you can do while in Puerto Galera, Philippines.

Puerto Galera is famously known as one of the places with the most beautiful beaches with clear water. You can reach Puerto Galera with just one boat ride away from the Batangas Pier. You can as well enjoyhiking to see the Talipanan Falls which typically is one of the most favourite activities done by tourists.

Another favourite group activity is the ride a banana boat although this activity is commonly done in a lot of beach resorts. Puerto Galera is also listed among the top 100 diving spots around the world so don’t you wonder why diving is considered a great thing to do there. Lessons are available for beginners though quite expensive.

Oriental Mindoro is surrounded with great body of waters that is whyseafoods and seafood restaurants are common within the area. The meals surely will make you feel satisfied and full. After eating, you can take a nice stroll in their white sand. If you still aren’t tired, then you may go bar hopping along the coastline. They have packs with a lot of punch which is the island’s cocktail specialty. While drinking, you can listen and dance with the latest music in town or watch various entertainments prepared by local artists.

A massage after all the tiring adventure is a great way to experience while in Puerto Galera. Finding a masseuse isn’t a problem since there are a lot of them available. Before leaving Puerto Galera, you can also buy souvenirs like Trinkets, t-shirts, native jewelry and the like that you can bring home. You can do haggling with the prices wherein a lot of vendors usually handle well.

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