How to rent or hire a car in the UK?

rent or hire a car in the UK

Renting a car in the UK is quite simple. Most rental companies in the country use the traditional model where you walk into the rental agency and fill out forms. A new peer to peer car rental service UKhas emerged, and in this rental model, cars are parked all around dense cities for you to pick up. Drivy UK is the most popular P2P car rental company in the country. In this service, random car owners in major cities list their vehicles on the Drivy website and renters will select a car they like. The payments are made through the site.

How Do You Rent a Car on Drivy?

On Drivy, you will be able to directly rent car from owner. You will start by registering on the site. Make sure you enter all the necessary information as this will reassure the car owners. You will then go to the homepage and fill in the location where you want to hire the vehicle. A list of available vehicles will be displayed and you will be able to contact the car owners. The owners can either accept or reject your offer. When you get a positive reply, you will make a payment online to confirm the private car hire. You will then arrange a meeting with the owner so that you can pick the keys and sign the private car rental agreement. You will also need to carry your driving license and the card you used to make the online booking. To visit the Drivy website, click here.

What Are the Requirements?

In order to enjoy the "hire my car" service, you will have to be at least 21 years old. Most car owners will be reluctant to rent out their vehicles to people who are under 25 or over 70 years old. Travelers can use their regular driver’s licenses to rent a car on Drivy. However, these licenses have to be in English. If your license is in a different language, you will have to first apply for an international driver’s permit (IDP). Drivers who have had a major conviction or at least 2 minor convictions in the past 5 years will be automatically disqualified from the private car rental UK service. Also, those with more than 6 points on their licenses will not be allowed to hire cars in the UK.

How Much Do You Have to Pay for the Service?

The prices of the car rentals are determined by the owners of the vehicles. Typically, the owners charge 30% less than what you would have to pay a traditional rental company. The total amount of money charged depends on the duration of the rental and the category of the car. Also, the price will vary based on whether or not you pick the excess reduction option. If you choose to take the excess reduction option, you will pay less money in case you damage the car. If it was a reasonable accident, the insurance company will cover the full cost of the damage.


In the UK, you can rent a car affordably and conveniently if you choose to go for the modern peer to peer car rental UK services. With these services, you will be able to hire a car directly from the owner. In dense cities of the United Kingdom, you can expect to find many available rental cars. Make sure you provide all the necessary information since fewer people will be ready to rent out their cars to people with incomplete profiles.

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