Why choose Ile-de-Ré for your next holiday trip

Ile de Ré

Ile de Ré is a charming island that makes for an ideal holiday destination. Its extremely mild climate and exceptional scenery can guarantee its visitors a comfortable holiday away from the noise and hassle of every day’s. A trip there can be easily organized since vacation rentals in the island are numerous, as proves it this website, specialized in publicizing holiday apartments for rent in Ile-de-Ré : myhomein-iledere

Opting for Ile-de-Ré as your next holiday destination is a big opportunity to uncover the many facets of this Atlantic island, its ten villages and varied landscapes that make its charm its sandy beaches, Marinas and fishing ports, salt marshes, oyster beds etc... Here, everything is made so that visitors can arrange a customized holiday: camping, rentals, tours, water sports, cultural agenda and much more. Ile de Re also allows you to experience a great thalassotherapy to regain strength in an invigorating Atlantic Ocean atmosphere.

During the summer, the different villages of Ile-de-Ré offer numerous recreational activities. The tourism authorities in Ile de Ré are very active and are doing their best to provide a wide range of shows and activities of all kinds. But Ile de Ré can also be visited throughout the year, for a weekend or even a relatively long holiday stay since the climate there is very pleasant and the sky is clear most of the time, even in the coolest periods. A stay in the island is a real breath of fresh air for the whole family.

A holiday in Ile de Ré is the perfect opportunity to forget your car and move around on a bike on the 170 km of cycle paths to discover authentic villages and exceptional landscapes. The Phare des Baleines (Lighthouse of Whales) and all the heritage treasures will open the doors of a rich historical past and welcome you inside. The ramparts of Saint-Martin will tell you the story of a resistant island and of old convicts bound to distant lands. You can explore the salt marshes that act as wonderful backgrounds for your photos during sunset, or take part in a crab race on the foreshore. The winter sports enthusiasts will also find their delight all year long on the island.

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