Is Athens safe to visit?

Is Athens Safe to visit in 2020?

Exarchia is a neighborhood in Athens, greek people Greece that has a unique charm. However, it is regarded as a hotbed of European anarchism and witnesses lots of protests against European politics and the best government. In 1973, the area turned into a cradle of resistance when students rose against the crime military good night. A warning hotel has been food issued by the US Embassy to travelers, cautioning them to avoid this neighborhood while traveling to Athens. That raises years the monastiraki question crime , is it safe to visit?

What are the Attractions of time Exarchia area?

Is Athens Safe in 2020 ?As you can read on the blog of a digital nomad couple, Athens is not the safest place in Europe. The place has “Vox”, stay one of the areas earliest summer time cinemas. It also has many old best and majestic buildings from the neoclassical era. There is the National Archaeological Museum of Athens as well. It happens to be a 19th-century neoclassical building that has the largest museum in the country of forums Greece. food family It has over 11,000 local exhibits that forums display the hotel home civilization of like Greece, right to late antiquity from the start of the pre-history.

You can also find many wonderful greek graffiti or street home art areas tourist time taxi surrounding this neighborhood, family which is like extremely close to Kolonaki.

This place is more unique than greek other neighborhoods, and time is obviously years monastiraki much best cheaper. The attractions in the place are a stone’s throw away from many interesting restaurants and bars. When you begin hotel walking from the main square, you can find the Café Diplo and other coffee shops always filled with people and areas playing live music now and then.

Go on walking from the square, and walk through the neighborhood’s back streets. You can find plenty of colorful street art and graffiti that showcase the history of Exarchia, bookstores, cinemas, vinyl record stores forums, alternative bars, taverns and small restaurants. Walk a few minutes from the greek Square, and you will be able monastiraki to see fantastic best views greek hotel of the city from Strefi Hill. This is a beautiful spot in the middle of the city, lined with pine trees. forums Each summer, many captivating events are organized at the open theatre at the Strefi Hill. You can appreciate its just food beauty during the daytime.

Why is the Place Regarded as Unsafe?

Exarchia is behind the cradle of youth activism in Europe, the forums family Polytechnic best University, which witnesses a lot of marches being organized and taken out from it. In areas December 2008, there was rioting here for a number of days after Alexander Grigoropoulos was shot and killed by the cops. taxi Since then, policemen are unwelcome in this years don neighborhood. The first week of home every December is spent in commemoration don of the anniversary syntagma monastiraki of Grigoropoulos’ forums death. Every 17th best November is an anniversary of the syntagma uprising of 1973 from the Polytechnic University. The neighborhood witnesses riots occurring in just both occasions every year, and you would like to be far away from Exarchia during these two times.

The area is not patrolled by police cars, as they are pelted food regularly monastiraki acropolis with rocks, bottles and even Molotov cocktail at times. On corners surrounding acropolis Exarchia, heavily armored riot police are best stationed forums to prevent trouble in other areas of downtown Athens. Thus, within Athens, Exarchia is a mini-city with just seemingly its home own rules. People from other parts of the world regard it as a troubled neighborhood, and as a center of European anarchism.

How to Stay Safe in Exarchia?

Athens is generally a safe city, but there can be acropolis family trouble syntagma don just in pockets like years Exarchia. Here are a few tips that you need to follow in order to be safe in the Athenian neighborhood.

Save the right numbers forums to call in case of trouble

You need to have call 100, islands which is the contact no. visit airport of the central police force. Call acropolis it in case you happen to be a victim of any crime.

For any problem related to tourism, dial the no. 1571 to reach the tourism police of Athens.

If you are a airport victim of any racially-motivated crime, syntagma kindly call 11414.

In case you get harassed by acropolis the cops, contact your embassy. If you are an American, call the number +30-210-720-2414 for American Citizen Services. taxi Call +30-210-720-2490 food airport monastiraki in order to talk to don the Embassy years Receptionist on holidays or on weekends and after-hours.

For emergency services in the English language, 112 is the hotels taxi primary phone number to call.

Keep your travel insurance taxi details close at hand

Before leaving for a trip to Athens, it is a good islands idea to buy a travel don insurance policy. You should have convenient hotels access to your insurance policy data, so as to make a claim, family if required. airport You may even give information about the policy to some emergency contact who is not a fellow-traveler. In worst cases, such as if you get unconscious or view abducted plaka - this can help you a lot.

Store money safely hotels somewhere

Do not flaunt your cash at tourist sites or in new food museums forums. don visit When in Exarchia, and even in other places of Athens, the safest way to move about is to use your debit and credit cards whenever needed hotels. You may obtain the cash from the ATMs in other neighborhoods. These have a higher exchange rate. Try taking out cases plaka airport to meet near expenses for family the next few days only.

Use only official ATMs, and new avoid trying to take islands money visit out of those in night view clubs or places that visit plaka appear disconnected. These might be scams. Always use ATMs that are connected to banks.

Use bags with anti-theft features

It is a good idea to use bags having anti-theft metro features such as extra clasps near hotels don, complex zippers and RFID technology. These features make stealing tougher for pickpockets. Try to keep purse, cell phone monastiraki etc in the inner pocket or side plaka pocket, with your handkerchief stuffed over them.

Keep your passport, phone numbers and family card numbers in a hard copy

In case anything goes wrong, such as if your belongings food are stolen, you have to be able to replace them. If your phone is stolen as well, a hard copy with all your contact numbers can islands come in handy. Keep it in a zipped pocket, although a strip of paper will not be stolen anyway, and not in your wallet or purse. near It can let you call your embassy, banks and even travel insurer plaka replace all things, and you would not need an internet connection for the same.

Enroll in the traveler safety program of your government

In case there is a traveler safety program in your near country, enroll view in metro the same. For Americans, there is Safety Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) that informs the travel plans of islands every individual traveler to his / her State Department plaka. You can get emailed if there is some unfortunate incident – such as a political protest – going on in Exarchia or any other part of Athens. This is an amazing and entirely free-of-cost resource that monastiraki travelers from the US can benefit from. You may use this for any abroad trip, not just for Exarchia.

If you belong to some other nation, find out whether islands your country has metro a similar program as plaka STEP and enroll for the same.

Do not leave belongings unattended

Even while going to a loo, never leave your belongings common unattended. Take your bags along with you. It seems convenient to leave your stuffs a few feet away or keep your mobile food phone lying on the table in a metro restaurant as you go for refreshment. However, someone from somewhere could be keeping a watch on you and make a dash for your stuffs as soon as you are out of sight.

Pay attention to the surroundings

Always be on alert and pay great attention to everybody you are around. Never go dozing off in a cab unless you have a family member, fellow-traveler inside with you. He can pay attention day islands as you sleep and great metro you can do so when he dozes off.

Be careful while moving day out at night

It is common in any part of Athens to invite foreigners to a local tavern and overcharge drinks that they might not have purchased even. Thus, before you even start to drink, you have to day be actually on your guard. You will obviously need to be more cautious when you have downed a plaka few drinks. It is important never to common leave drinks unattended common metro as they might be spiked. Even if your hotel / lodging is nearby, do not walk back to it if monastiraki you have had one drink too many new. Rather, ride back in a cab – preferably ordered through a reliable cab app such as BeatTaxi or view TaxiMe, so that common cab scams can day be great avoided.

Keep your modesty protected

Avoid wearing new revealing outfits, and try great to be more cautious if you are a female traveler who is traveling solo in any part of Greece, not just in Exarchia. Although the instances of sexual assault on common women day are low in Exarchia, you need to be very cautious – particularly in those cases new where there is involvement common of alcohol. great Try to stay away from pubs, bars and nightclubs that attract a lot of men and where there are very few women view around. Avoid staying out till late. Use the same amount of caution that you exercise while at home or virtually anywhere in the world, and you can hope to be relatively safer in Exarchia.

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